Here is a clip I made of me dj’ing at The Day Before Tomorrow festival.
It was the very first edition that took place in the park of Brasschaat in Belgium on a very very sunny day.
When I arrived for the first soundcheck at noon the dj set up was right in the sun and it was impossible to keep your hand on the face of the cdj’s nor the djm mixer.
Sooo Hot!?? #Tip to all festival or outdoor events = Make sure there is a way to create shade on this material and the dj’s laptop without blocking the view of course.

It was also the first time I tried the New iPad app from Serato, the Remote app for ScratchLive // More info soon.
Soundcheck one/two…one/two

I filmed and edited this little clip with my iPhone 5 and the text was added with iMovie on my mac pro.