It all started with the Nike’s you see above.
“30th Anniversary edition of the Nike Air Pegasus model”
Nike Air Pegasus 83/30
On my “daily sites to check” tour, I ran in to these mighty fine Nikes that came in 4 different color styles:
Team Red Style / Armory Slate-Silver Style / Anthracite-Flash Lime-Black Style/ Mortar-Sail-Blue Style
and now even a Flash Lime/Sail- BlueHero-GRDRN style.
The first ones I saw where the Red ones, those where the ones I wanted…
So it was hunting time, but it started to become very clear that these where going to be some exclusive/hard to find sneakers.
Later that day I went to one of my favorite sneaker/clothing stores here in Antwerp, VIER, and they told me the same:”Yeah, we saw your post on Facebook but at the moment we Can’t get our hands on those, they’re hard to get. BUT we do have *these:”


So yeah…I bought those as I simply had my mind set on bordeaux sneakers :)
The day after a friend of me tells me that he found the 83/30’s on Nike’s US site, very well hidden tho!
So It all started again…I posted the question on Facebook : Which of my friends was coming back from the states any time soon :)
Dear old friend BabsieBurgers from LesPetitesPestes was just in NYC and she was ooo so kind to run down to Niketown to get me a pair.
(I did the same for her in LA ;) She happily  returned the favor)
So I went for the Anthracite-Flash Lime-Black Style as I already had the red ones and I did need some new dark sneakers with Fresh touch.
(but I still want the others as well to be honest)

IMG_2614Can you see me smile :)