I went to Israel and I Loved it!
In june I decided to get away and it brought me to Tel-Aviv, booked a flight and the day after I was there.

Tel-Aviv is an amazing city with a great energy, nice feel on the streets, contrast of old and new buildings, they know about food and gluten free is a normal thing over there, it’s a very young and vibrant city with the best climate. I loved the eye for detail in de places I went to, they make sure every detail is just right for the place. The people there are very warm, social and open… I Loved it!!! And look forward to go back next time I get the chance to :)
Then I did a day trip to Jerusalem which was very very nice to see.

Keep in mind that I have no education in the making of video material, I just take out my iPhone, start filming and edit it later on. I feel every clip I make will get beter by just doing and trying. Learning true trial and error ;)