Just watched Blackfish …
Again it became clear that some ways of humans doing really shows signs of barbarian behavior. Lies, manipulation, capturing these, and other, wonders of nature for financial profit and personal amusement is just a very sad and a very selfish aspect of mankind.
I’m so happy to be living in times were issues like these are finally getting to the surface. That the people who stand up against these organizations are finally being heard by more and more people like myself that are hoping for a world where people live in a far more conscious way, with more respect and love for nature and all of the beauty it possesses.
(I finally found some words to express myself but there is far more on my heart that I need to say… until that happens I try to smile and enjoy life and all of the beauty I see,and find, in it .)

Schermafbeelding 2014-01-28 om 22.27.12