Last Sunday I spent a nice day in Amsterdam with friends. Always a pleasure to be there, it’s not too far from Antwerp and most of the shops are open on Sunday! wink We had a couple of addresses on our list but left some time for new discoveries.
One of those shops me & MerryMaker Ruth definitely wanted to check was :
On my last visit, I left the place with a smile and two pairs of Acne trousers. This time it was my lucky day again…
I’m not easy to please when it comes to shopping, I’m not into hypes, it has to be easy to combine, I prefer timeless items and know what suits me and what doesn’t…so now I got two different models and they fitted me perfectly, incredible! A dry selvage jeans from US brand TELLASON and a khaki straight fit from NAKED&FAMOUS, both needed to be shortened on the legs, which They did, and a couple of days later the mail man handed me a nice package from Tenue De Nîmes :) THX guys!
The last thing I found was this really nice winter sweater and I feel sorry that I didn’t see this great umbrella or I would have taken it along with me to rainy Belgium…
Ow & if I got my facts straight, the salesman who helped and guided me was one of the owners, Rene Strolenberg. In my humble opinion he definitely is a denim specialist and Really knows what he’s talking about.