A couple of days a go I – a friend, who is a true blogger named Ruth from The Merrymakers, _ from Kiehl’s.
First of all let me tell you that I’m a longtime fan who really admires the look&feel of this brand!
The product’s simple and straightforward packaging, the use of All Natural ingredients and their marketing are the things that caught my attention. Yes, I Do enjoy my collection of Kiehl’s products!
So on the event we got a sneak peak on some new products like:
• Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution : It evens the skin tone…The name says it all I think.
• Ultra Light Daily UV Defense : A facial creme that offers Full protection…
• And then there was this Magic Elixir for the hair, …so now there are 3 steps:
1.Applying this new Elixir that doesn’t only feed the hair but also the roots of the hair and relaxes the scalp
3.Conditioner or Mask.
But for this, we’ll have to wait till june…