I want one…

But not now!
I think it’s a wonderful piece of technology and i see al the advantages of owning one.
I think it’s the best travel companion, nice to look at your favorite movies and tv-shows, it’s really nice for presentations, it Does feel right to read a book on it, checking your mails while having a coffee outside…
And then there is “FLIPBOARD” :) !!

For me it will be complete once : it comes with a camera (front and back) & the flash problem will be solved…I get frustrated when i try to get some info from a website and i can’t get on it with my iPhone because it runs on flash. Same problem on the iPad so let’s hope the world will realize HTML-5 is the way to go ;-)

So for now I Look forward on having my iPhone 4 !!
It should be in store’s by the end of the week :)