Today I Rrrreally felt summer and Nneka got something to do with it !!
On this cold and sunny day I had an appointment to have my hair cut. While I was sitting in the chair, and my my hair got washed, I felt the sun on my face, the room was well heated and with all the water and washing noises I heard a summery tune on the background. I closed my eyes and there it happend…It felt like the window was open, and a hoodless car stopped in front of the hairdressers with the music playing loud, you know when you mostly hear the bass. I tell you, it felt like a hot august day. Reality check ! My hair was clean and now I could clearly enjoy the music that was playing…***Nneka*** Soulfull, hip hop, afrikan feel, and A voice. Check her on MYSPACE and find her music on ITUNES.

I Like !!